Detect Mobile Browsers and Mobile User Agents with this simple yet powerful PHP function


Is this visitor using a mobile? Yes or No?

This small yet highly effective PHP script detects mobile phone browsers on your website so you can redirect them to your mobile website or show them a different template. It simply answers the question: is this visitor using a mobile?

Detect Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows & More

iOS   Android   Windows Mobile   BlackBerry   Opera   Palm

Redirect mobile visitors or switch their template easily

A quick, easy to use, solid and dependable PHP function to detect mobile browsers like iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, BlackBerry's and Palm devices which visit your website. From old legacy devices through to today's hottest smartphones, they're all detected.

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Mobile app distribution just got easier

You can use this code to detect which app store to send folks to so they can download your apps: Apple's App Store, Google Play, the Palm App Catalog, RIM / BlackBerry's AppWorld, the Nokia Store & Windows Phone Marketplace.


Thoroughly Tested, Light & Efficient

Tested and proven solid by tens of thousands of users over several years. This lightweight PHP solution to Detect Mobile Browsers simply works even when tested against the heavyweights like Device Atlas and WURFL.


If you need help just ask

Getting your website to detect mobile browsers is pretty straightforward with the setup wizard but if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line and I'll be happy to help.

It isn't rocket science even though rocket scientists use it!

This code is easy to get working; all you need is a little PHP enabled web hosting and the ability to cut, paste and upload files. It isn't rocket science and can be added to your website in minutes.

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Some Famous & Satisfied Users:

    • NASA Earth Observatory
    • NASA Earth Observatory
    • This latest version includes a fix to a bug NASA's Earth Observatory kindly told me about.
    • DreamWorks Animation SKG
    • DreamWorks
    • DreamWorks Animation SKG use this mobile detection code on their official website.
    • Nintendo
    • Nintendo
    • Used by Nintendo on the stand alone website for Last Window: The Secret of Cape West site
    • Shrek
    • Shrek
    • He's big, he's green, he's ugly and Scottish but he's lovable and uses my device detection code.

As featured in these books:

    • Mobile Web Book
    • Mobile Web Book
    • Cameron Moll's book Mobile Web Design is a handy guide to creating a standards compliant mobile website. This book teaches you how to deliver web content to mobiles.